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We get it. Almost all product teams are busy to get their burn-down chart to the bottom and refine user stories, so it's not unusual the PMs loose sight of deep-diving into retention cohorts or what customer jobs to solve for. Our Growth Product Managers are senior growth consultants that will help your product to the next stage. With a full customer-centric focus he or she will guide you and your team towards product-market fit or creates long-term product growth. Customer interviews are still the best tool around to build a faster growing business, mix that with vigorous assumption testing and your product has a good chance to fully take over your target market.

This will all result in an effective product backlog and customer feedback loop that your team can run autonomously by the end of our time together through our train & transfer method.

Your developers will love our approach

One of the most essential and overlooked skills within starting businesses is learning what your target audience wants. Quickly. Crafting sustainable feedback loops, doing customer interviews and validating product ideas are essential in this process. We will help you with the alignment between marketing - and product teams to make sure we don't build things that nobody wants. With our approach the developers know why and what they're developing and your customers know you listen to them by building what they care about. Everybody wins.

What you will get

Focus on customer research, product & strategy
Access to our tools, knowledge base and network
Weekly recap of current goals (OKRs), product backlog (experiments) and progress (performance)
Deep-dive into quantitative and qualitative user data
Weekly in-house day(s) working with your existing team
Validating product assumptions to improve activation, retention and/or monetisation
Experience and patient to help people embrace Scrum/Lean Product management and pragmatically make a start and setup structure for the growth process.
Hans Böhm, Managing Director at Beerwulf
They met all the deliverables, helped us set up a high-pace experimentation routine, plugged it all into OKRs and metrics, and went beyond and above it by offering very valuable tactical support by, for example, setting up AdWords campaigns and optimizing CRM flows. Plus, on a personal level, these people have been great to have around.
Piotr, Head of Growth at SnappCar

Client cases


Helping Beerwulf to be an Agile organisation

During growth engagements and with growth teams, our default is to work Agile and with OKRs. Beerwulf upped that game by implementing this organisation-wide—from legal to supply chain.
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