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We founded Off The Record in the heart of Amsterdam in 2016 and were one of the first Growth agencies in Europe. In 2020 we were awarded by TechCrunch as one of the ten best growth agencies in the world with our current total average NPS of 72 (150+ clients).

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We partnered up with Storytel in The Netherlands to maintain, challenge and improve their national-wide acquisition campaigns. Besides our focus on the existing acquisition channels, we advised the Dutch team on the untapped potential in their product for future optimizations.

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a strategic partner for fast-growing digital brands

We saw an evolvement in digital marketing over the past years, where the word 'growth' was a quick fix for all things new. In the upcoming years, startups and their founders must adapt to shift their businesses toward profitability. With investors, board members, and VC's monitoring unit economics much closer, becoming profitable per customer/order is becoming the new benchmark.

Growing your brand at all costs without a sustainable flywheel is rapidly dying and will soon become a marketing stigma. Product-led growth is a company-wide responsibility and, therefore, should be at the core of the company and be cheered for by C-level management.

The first step in this evolution is separating departments and internal business silos. A brand that wants to be a product-led business needs internal alignment around the metrics and numbers that drive sustainable growth, such as customer lifetime value, engagement, and retention.

In addition, making data-driven decisions based on user behavior is vital to product-led growth companies. Instead, everything a brand does today will become the shared responsibility of all people involved in core product-led roles, from sales & marketing to development. We foresee that 'growth' will soon be stripped down from job titles.

Growth is here to stay, but it will dissolve into digital marketing in the next few years. Because if the word growth needs to be in explicitly, what's the alternative, right?

We help startups scale and expand farther than their product-market-fit ambitions to stay ahead. Because what got you here won't get you there.

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