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Transform to a rapid-experimentation culture where your organization doesn’t rely on opinions and meetings, but where A/B test uplifts decide.



An experimentation culture is one in which employees are encouraged to propose and implement changes to the organization through the use of experiments. This involves testing new ideas, products, or services in a controlled environment to gather data and evaluate their effectiveness. The goal of an experimentation culture is to foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement, where employees are encouraged to take risks and try new things. By adopting an experimentation culture, organizations can stay agile and adapt to changing market conditions, while also improving their products and services to better meet the needs of their customers.

To build an experimentation culture, organizations must create an environment that supports experimentation. This includes providing employees with the necessary resources and training to design and run experiments, as well as setting up a system for collecting and analyzing data. It also requires leadership to be supportive of experimentation and to prioritize learning and improvement over short-term results.

your challenge

Lacking actionable insights.

You are not able to generate actionable insights with your current analytical tooling. Data is siloed within different tooling and you use excel sheets to combine data within one overview.

Our solution


Metric overview, growth modelling on key growth levers to instrument team. Done in best in class tools such as Looker Studio, SuperMetrics or Tableau

OUR solution

our way of working

Clear and actionable dashboard visualizations that improves your team data literacy.

Phase 1
Data workshop

We aim to build with you from day one. We have end-to-end teams that can deep dive into your desired product, customers, and market, whether you want to launch a new product in an existing market or seek to disrupt an entire industry.

• Find your ideal problem-solution fit
• Qualitative customer research & interviews
• Map out the desired customer journey

Data cleanup & visualisation

A go-to-market strategy is a plan that helps to define your ideal customers, validate your messaging, and position your product for launch. We deconstruct your new business into testable riskiest assumptions, so we quickly guide you to product-market fit.

• Build, test & launch your first (online) MVP
• Find and acquire your first customers
• A go to market plan with a proven process

Training your team

We help you kickstart early user growth to gain traction with your product or service. We help you find your AHA moment to identify your North star metric. This metric should be a reliable indicator of directionality guiding your journey from idea to validation.

• Setup your acquisition channels
• Implement a minimal tracking plan
• Growth model based on first insights


our way of working

Transform to a rapid-experimentation culture where your organization doesn’t rely on opinions and meetings.

Phase 1
Instrumented for experimentation

To create an experimentation culture, Off the Record starts with personal 1-1 interviews with team members to ensure everyone looks at growing the business in the same way, if there are no gaps in capabilities, and to understand the company culture.

The next step is to setup the ideal tool stack, and make a concrete implementation plan. The goal of this phase is to create a culture where team members can thrive, deliver results and insights that are needed to reach business goals.

First experimentation cycles

When the correct a/b testing and experimentation logging tooling are in place, we kick-off the first experimentation cycles. The goal is here to get used to the planning process, learn how to analyze experiments and how to log learnings and insights.

After the first cycles we plan retrospectives to improve the experimentation process. When everybody is getting used to the new way of working we will shift our focus to the results of the experiments.

Increase experiment velocity

In this phase we have created some impact on your business goals with the first 10 - 15 experiments. The goal in this phase is to start increasing the velocity of experiments per week. The challenge here is the planning process and to keep different experiment flows separated.

The end goal of this phase is to make sure that your team('s) can work autonomously on experiments.

Client case

Transform to Agile

Helping Beerwulf to be an Agile organization. During growth engagements and with growth teams, our default is to work Agile and with OKRs. Beerwulf upped that game by implementing this organization-wide—from legal to supply chain.

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What you can expect

We work in your office or remote on a weekly basis

We work in a cross functional team with experts

We report on a weekly basis with all results

We train and transfer our knowledge within 6-12 months

We are cheaper than a bad hire, and less expensive than sport cars

Our NPS score (from 2016 - 2022) is 72


Full in-house team for a period from 3 till 12 months.

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