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We run and optimize all your (paid) marketing channels and continuously experiment with new ones. We don’t just do siloed performance marketing, but work closely with biz dev and product to create retain customers at a profitable CLTV


What is top-funnel marketing

Top-funnel marketing refers to the initial stage of a marketing strategy where the main goal is to create awareness and interest in a product or service. This stage can be particularly important for companies that are introducing a new product or service and need to make potential customers aware of its existence. The marketing activities that fall under this category are typically directed towards a large audience and are designed to attract potential customers who may not yet be familiar with the product or service.

Social media and Google Ads advertising is one of the most popular top-funnel marketing activities. This type of advertising can be used to target a large audience and is often less expensive than other forms of ATL advertising. Content marketing is another important top-funnel marketing activity that involves creating and sharing content that is designed to attract potential customers. This can include blog posts, videos, and infographics. Search engine optimization is also a key top-funnel marketing activity that involves optimizing a website or web page for search engines in order to increase its visibility and attract potential customers.

your challenge

Lacking actionable insights.

You are not able to generate actionable insights with your current analytical tooling. Data is siloed within different tooling and you use excel sheets to combine data within one overview.

how we approach top-funnel marketing

our way of working

Improve your CAC and make sure you have a profitable and sustainable growth loop.

Phase 1
Audit current performance

Before starting any executional work, we always conduct a performance audit. This audit includes a comprehensive analysis of your business's full funnel since we strongly believe in building profitable businesses.

During this phase, we also have one-on-one meetings with your team members to understand what has been done and tried in the past, what worked, and what didn't.

At the end of the audit, we present our findings and a roadmap for improving your performance.

Executional phase

After conducting the audit, we carefully analyze the results and prioritize the quick wins that will have an immediate impact on the business. We also lay the groundwork for long-term growth by implementing sustainable strategies that are tailored to your unique needs. Our portfolio approach encompasses a wide range of tactics, including technical and analytical improvements, process enhancements, and channel optimizations.

By incorporating these different elements, we are able to create a comprehensive plan that addresses all aspects of your business and sets you up for success in the short and long term.

Continue or transfer

Based on the terms of our partnership agreement, we have two options for the future of our collaboration.The first option is to continue working together to optimize your top-funnel performance. Our team would continue to provide support and guidance, using our expertise to help you achieve your goals.

The second option is to transfer our knowledge and documents to new team members. In this scenario, we would work with you to ensure a smooth handover of all relevant information and resources. This would allow your new team members to build on the foundation we have established together and take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Client case


We partnered up with Storytel in The Netherlands to maintain, challenge and improve their national-wide acquisition campaigns. Besides our focus on the existing acquisition channels, we advised the Dutch team on the untapped potential in their product for future optimizations.

Our preferred tooling suppliers
Case study

What you can expect

We work in your office or remote on a weekly basis

We work in a cross functional team with experts

We report on a weekly basis with all results

We train and transfer our knowledge within 6-12 months

We are cheaper than a bad hire, and less expensive than sport cars

Our NPS score (from 2016 - 2022) is 72


Full in-house team for a period from 3 till 12 months.

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