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Our Head of Growths are senior growth folks that will help your business to the next stage. During our engagement, which typically lasts 3-9 months, your dedicated Head of Growth joins your team for 1-4 days a week that enable your business make the right data-informed decisions towards growing your user base. He or she will analyse the composition of your team, help set the right goals using OKRs and growth models, lead a rapid experimentation process and helps with product development or user research if we together evaluate that this is what your organisation needs.

This will all result in an effective growth process that your employees can run autonomously by the end of our time together through our train & transfer method.

Rapid experimentation

We don't believe in an un-agile waterfall approach since mostly it's a gut-feeling based and inefficient process. Hence, all key subjects necessary to execute through a scientific method should be second nature to you. Research, crafting assumptions, setting up hypotheses and especially designing compelling, significant and sound experiments are crucial skills. Our Head of Growths are able to help you with strategic decisions about the best experiments to setup and will also do all the hands-on execution.

Since we focus on the full funnel, these experiments usually involve testing new acquisition channels or propositions, increase customer retention or setup a referral program that ties perfectly together with your core usage of the product.

What you will get

Focus on growth strategy & execution
Access to our tools, knowledge base and network
Weekly recap of current goals (OKRs), product backlog (experiments) and progress (performance)
Proven experimentation framework and growth model
Weekly in-house day(s) working with your existing team
Train & transfer approach towards core people in 3-12 months
It was a great learning experience on how to properly build and grow a business from scratch, highly recommend.
Robbert Bregman, Project Lead eCommerce at Unilever
Amazing service. Their hands-on approach really helped us in order to achieve our goals and to learn all these new skills ourselves.
Charlotte, Founder at Charly Cares

Head of Growth in action: download the case study

Want to learn more about the impact Head of Growths can make on your business? Download the case study.

Client cases


Grow the number of developers on the Dutch market

Winc Academy is a Dutch start-up that offers an intensive practical remote training program of 6 weeks, after which students can start as a front-end developer on the job market. The goal is to grow the number of developers in the Netherlands. We helped to reach that goal by structuring the data ecosystem, guiding the growth process, and work on finding our way through the product-market fit.
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Empower to scale faster

Stuvia is a digital marketplace enabling students to buy and sell online study materials. Our objective was to transfer growth processes and structure to empower Stuvia to continue autonomously as soon as possible. In 7 months, we implemented Amplitude to gain faster analytic insights, set up a cross-functional team, introduced growth frameworks and trained a newly hired growth marketer to take over our work.
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