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Break down the silo’s within your organization and build high-performing cross-functional teams to maximize insights and profits.



Cross-functional teams are teams made up of individuals from different departments or areas of expertise within an organization. The goal of these teams is to bring together diverse perspectives and skill sets to work collaboratively towards a common goal or project. By working across departments or areas of expertise, cross-functional teams can often achieve better results than traditional teams made up of individuals from the same department or area of expertise.

By working across departments or areas of expertise, these teams can often overcome the siloed thinking that can hinder progress in more traditional teams. In addition, cross-functional teams can help to foster a more collaborative and inclusive culture within an organization. By breaking down barriers between departments and encouraging individuals to work together towards a shared objective, these teams can help to build stronger relationships and promote a more cohesive organizational culture.

your challenge

Lacking actionable insights.

You are not able to generate actionable insights with your current analytical tooling. Data is siloed within different tooling and you use excel sheets to combine data within one overview.

Our solution


Metric overview, growth modelling on key growth levers to instrument team. Done in best in class tools such as Looker Studio, SuperMetrics or Tableau

OUR solution

our way of working

Clear and actionable dashboard visualizations that improves your team data literacy.

Phase 1
Data workshop

We aim to build with you from day one. We have end-to-end teams that can deep dive into your desired product, customers, and market, whether you want to launch a new product in an existing market or seek to disrupt an entire industry.

• Find your ideal problem-solution fit
• Qualitative customer research & interviews
• Map out the desired customer journey

Data cleanup & visualisation

A go-to-market strategy is a plan that helps to define your ideal customers, validate your messaging, and position your product for launch. We deconstruct your new business into testable riskiest assumptions, so we quickly guide you to product-market fit.

• Build, test & launch your first (online) MVP
• Find and acquire your first customers
• A go to market plan with a proven process

Training your team

We help you kickstart early user growth to gain traction with your product or service. We help you find your AHA moment to identify your North star metric. This metric should be a reliable indicator of directionality guiding your journey from idea to validation.

• Setup your acquisition channels
• Implement a minimal tracking plan
• Growth model based on first insights


our way of working

Actionable behavioural insights on all different customer journeys within your product.

Phase 1
Implement toolstack

Having the correct tool stack is crucial for good collaboration because it allows team members to work together more efficiently and effectively. With the right tools in place, team members can easily share information, collaborate on projects, and stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

This can help to reduce miscommunications, errors, and delays, and ultimately lead to better outcomes for the project or organization.

Leading cross-functional teams

Next, Off The Record will be in the lead of different cross-functional teams. During this phase we will start implementing different meeting structures, introducing the use of the new tools, setup bi-weekly retrospectives and create a dashboard where you can follow the progress.

Another important aspect is to establish clear team OKRs (objectives and key results) and responsibilities to ensure everyone is aligned towards the same goals.

Working autonomously

During the final phase we ensure teams can work autonomously towards their business goals. We will transfer our growth mindset and encourage a culture of continuous learning.Growth needs to come from within. External factors like marketing and product development can only take you so far.

If you want to truly succeed and thrive in today's fast-paced business environment, you need to invest in your people, your culture, and way of working.

Client case

Flipped the overall mindset

JUKE is the only music service that offers the possibility to listen to live broadcasts and theme channels. Like most engagements we built landing pages, set-up paid traffic channels to test propositions and audiences, and helped the marketing department make better data-informed decisions. Over a period of 18-months we accomplished the following.

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Case study

What you can expect

We work in your office or remote on a weekly basis

We work in a cross functional team with experts

We report on a weekly basis with all results

We train and transfer our knowledge within 6-12 months

We are cheaper than a bad hire, and less expensive than sport cars

Our NPS score (from 2016 - 2022) is 72


Full in-house team for a period from 3 till 12 months.

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