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Grow the number of developers on the Dutch market

Winc Academy is a Dutch start-up that offers an intensive practical remote training program of  6 weeks, after which students can start as a front-end developer on the job market. The goal is to grow the number of developers in the Netherlands. We helped to reach that goal by structuring the data ecosystem, guiding the growth process, and work on finding our way through the product-market fit.

Head of Growth

7 months

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It doesn't matter if you just started your company or if you are a corporate. Make sure you have your data in place to buildup your ecosystem, since this is your basis. This was the first thing we did at Winc academy: we structured the data in a funnel structure: from lead to customer. Secondly, we were able to analyze the data and find what levers to focus on. And third: this provided us the main areas we could improve or test to investigate what would to stimulate growth. Last but not least, the ecosystem helped us tho keep overview of the business.


Finding the right value angle

In our road to product-market fit is important to research why your customer wants to use your service. Together with the Winc team, we answered questions like: 'who are we helping with our product?', 'what are customers doubting about?', 'why would you choose Winc Academy?'. We used these questions to deliver the right value proposition throughout the acquisition channels and website.

The services are of high quality and the people are nice to work with.
Marijn Pijnenborg, Founder at Winc Academy

Bring a new growth manager up to speed

After the set-up of the process and data structure, a new growth manager was hired. Our promise from the start of every engagement is that we would train, so the team could take over. We transferred our way of working to the new hire by customized planning based on the knowledge of the new hire and a final document with all our tips and learnings.

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