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Added 2 teaspoons of validation and traction

What About Tea is an e-commerce shop that brings great tea to great offices. Together with their founding team, we shaped and validated the value proposition of this corporate venture.

Head of Growth

3 months



Shaping the business

When we started the engagement, What About Tea was at point blank. As good as a time as any, if not better. Instead of shooting from the hip and start with executing on marketing and product directly, we prefer to take a more deliberate and scientific approach. At point blank, a startup is nothing more than an accumulation of risk. It's up to us, to help teams de-risk. So we used multiple frameworks to identify risky assumptions, validate their propositions and sharpen their target audience.


Getting out of the building

Whereas frameworks and canvasses are great tools to map assumptions and prioritise where you need to focus on. Things don't move during canvas sessions. Things do move whenever you go out of the building and validate your assumptions and ideas. That's exactly what we did with the What About Tea team, and quickly discovered a need, with a big enough market, that needs solving and co-developed their website and marketing materials based on that field research.

It was a great learning experience on how to properly build and grow a business from scratch, highly recommend.
Robbert Bregman, Project Lead eCommerce at Unilever

Product-channel fit

With young (trendy) ventures and creative agencies as their target audience, their acquisition tactics obviously are different than B2C approaches. However, the methodology to find the right one still applies in B2B cases of course. By vigorously multiple channels at the same time, we speed up the discovery process and quickly find scalable channels at reasonable costs to make the business model worthwhile.

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