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Growing the most powerful calendar app

The development team of Weekcal worked years-and-years solely on product—something that resulted in strong product-market fit and millions of organically acquired users. We extended their team with execution power on growth to amplify their growth rate.

Head of Growth

6 months

Mobile App


Analytics first. Always.

Before every engagement, we model the business' North Star Metric (NSM): the metrics that best captures the core value that your product delivers to its users. In order to do so, we needed to gauge the input metrics that result in their NSM like their activation rate, retention rate(s) and conversion rate to premium.

So we crafted a tracking plan with their dev team and implemented the appropriate product analytics tooling (Amplitude) so we could accurately measure the parameters we wanted to influence.


Demystifying growth loops

The most sustainable way to grow is through growth loops. For Weekcal we accomplished an acquisition loop, where the Customer Acquisition Cost was lower than the revenue we generated from that user within only a couple days since the acquisition. This enabled us to directly re-invest the generated funds back into new customer acquisition. Through this, we generated a self-sustaining growth loop that resulted in exponential growth.

Off The Record's dedicated Head Of Growth added the expertise that we missed: Very pleasant, helpful, hands-on, clear and no vague bullshit.
Jurgen de Koning, COO at Weekcal

Testing monetisation strategies

Whereas their product was top-notch and continuously improved, their monetisation strategy was not. By testing with different New User Experiences, CTAs and moments we asked whether users wanted to subscribe to a premium account, we improved the average revenue per user.

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