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The Talent Institute has a deep understanding of what the new and best skills are, their mission is to change the game in professional skills development. We joined forces in early 2016 and set up the growth hacking courses and curriculum from scratch. In addition, we were responsible as Lead Growth Partner and with the bureau provided a lot of the training and coaching sessions with students (250+).

Growth Workshop

24 Months



Future proof skills that will last

We learned the students to implement a leading growth framework and to build a custom dashboard in order to run measurable growth experiments across multiple online channels. In addition, we have been teaching the students about onboarding, activation, and retention quite intensively. We trained them with theories, tactics and showed them the proper tools in order to run experiments.


Guiding them during their traineeship

As Off The Record we trained over 250+ growth trainees over the course of 2 years. We guided them during the curriculum and coached them on a weekly basis during their traineeship with advice on growth activities within their companies. They were all working at fast-growing startups or within corporate environments during that time, so advicing them with practical tips and tricks was needed in order to let them thrive.

Off The Record was the lead expert for our Growth Hacking Course at The Talent Institute. They have extensive knowledge of Growth Hacking and they know how to convey their knowledge in an excellent way. Furthermore, it’s just a very nice team to work with!
Roderik Hageman, CEO at The Talent Institute

Small kids grow up

The Talent Institute asked us to transfer all our knowledge and frameworks to the student trainees in a specific curriculum for growth hacking over a period of 7 months during their traineeships. As Off The Record we stepped out after a period of 2 years to focus on our work for clients, and The Talent Institute took over our role via a new Growth Lead Expert which we trained extensively.

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Tessa is a mobile loyalty app for receiving discounts in return for uploading supermarket receipts. Founded by Unilever in order to get to know the Dutch consumer better. Tessa was able to activate a certain group of users to download the app via both paid social as organic. The next step was to activate a broader audience and to grow the user base extensively.‍
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