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Tessa is a mobile loyalty app for receiving discounts in return for uploading supermarket receipts. Founded by Unilever in order to get to know the Dutch consumer better.

Tessa was able to activate a certain group of users to download the app via both paid social as organic. The next step was to activate a broader audience and to grow the user base extensively.

Growth Team

10 months

Mobile App


Set up the experimentation process

The engagement started by analyzing the business, using the Mobile Growth Stack & our Growth Model, and identifying the biggest growth levers. The objectives were set - acquisition and retention - and the experiment board was introduced.

To validate business assumptions, we created several surveys to start customer feedback loops. This way, we learned about the app's value and what discount deals were desired by the user. By starting with structural push- and email communication, the users were reminded of Tessa and became re-activated.


Scale up user acquisition

We scaled up (paid) acquisition massively by testing at least 7 acquisition channels, both paid and organic. We have grown the total registered user base with 800% and the number of total receipts uploaded per month grown 700% times from the summer of 2018 throughout early 2019 — with stable retention metrics.

A highlighted experiment: by implementing a new UX flow for asking to rate the app in the app stores, the average Android rating went up from 3.7 to 4.0 within 1.5 month. Resulting in an improved App Store Optimisation, with better app store visibility & conversion rates.

Great people that have the passion to drive growth of their customers.
Landry Aussems, CEO at Tessa

Train & transfer all the knowledge

To finish the engagement after 10 months, we successfully on-boarded two new growth marketers and made sure they became up-to-speed about the executed experiments and the gained learnings. Whenever they felt uncomfortable about any topic, we were there to solve this. While they took over the operations — we teached, guided, & gave final advice before letting them stand on their own feet.

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