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Stuvia is a digital marketplace enabling students to buy and sell online study materials. Our objective was to transfer growth processes and structure to empower Stuvia to continue autonomously as soon as possible. In 7 months, we implemented Amplitude to gain faster analytic insights, set up a cross-functional team, introduced growth frameworks and trained a newly hired growth marketer to take over our work.

Head of Growth

7 months



Growth processes & frameworks

We set up a cross-functional team from scratch and taught them our proven growth methods. We modelled Stuvia’s growth to shape strategy and introduced OKRs for focus. We trained the team to gather insights from both hard and soft data and established processes for rapid experimentation.


User-behavioural analytics implementation

To empower Stuvia’s team to gain fast insights on customer behaviour, we helped find and implement a suitable data analytics solution (Amplitude). We created a tracking plan to structure all the events, set up the first dashboards and trained the team.

OTR helped us build a Growth team from scratch by building on almost 8 years of doing business. From half-assing two experiments a year, we are now able to run experiments continuously and always be able to make data-driven decisions to grow our business. That's the way to skyrocket your company.
Jaap van Nes, Founder @ Stuvia

Onboarding their new growth marketer

Our promise at the start of this engagement was to train a newly recruited Growth Marketer to take over. We helped select a new candidate and scaled-down our work week over week to eventually step out completely.

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Our growth chapter with Storytel in the Netherlands

We partnered up with Storytel in The Netherlands to maintain, challenge and improve their national-wide acquisition campaigns. Besides our focus on the existing acquisition channels, we advised the Dutch team on the untapped potential in their product for future optimizations.
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