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Data-informed growth with Objectives and Key Results

SnappCar was one of the first publicly popularised Dutch startups. With their platform, they make it easy for car owners to share their often idle vehicles with people from their neighbourhood who are in dire need for transportation. Over a period of 6-months, we've helped their Dutch, German and Danish teams to adopt OKRs and reach their goals through rapid experimentation.

Head of Growth

6 Months



Balancing supply and demand

Like with any other marketplace, getting supply and demand right is crucial to keep users on both sides equally satisfied. Crafting growth teams that had a focus on either side of the platform, while highly aligned on the ratio between cars locally available and users looking for transportation in that area, and setting OKRs accordingly helped them reach their goals quicker.


Team alignment & composition

Shaping teams is hard. Getting it right is even harder. By applying our expertise of helping dozens and dozens of teams we helped their Country Managers getting the right people in the right teams and train-and-transfer our growth methodologies so they can execute on them themselves.

They met all the deliverables, helped us set up a high-pace experimentation routine, plugged it all into OKRs and metrics, and went beyond and above it by offering very valuable tactical support by, for example, setting up AdWords campaigns and optimizing CRM flows. Plus, on a personal level, these people have been great to have around.
Piotr, Head of Growth at SnappCar

Adjusting to a culture of rapid experimentation

Goals cannot be reached without execution. Period. We set up our tested and approved testing framework, designed experiments and made sure the teams executed in a steady cadence by working in sprints. Every sprint was closed with a growth meeting where we gauged and analysed the performance of finished experiments so we continuously improved team functioning.

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