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Investing in a new way of working at Robeco Retail

The marketing team of Robeco Retail delivers the best experience and service to (potential) customers. All kind of marketers works on the growth of the service in separated teams. We helped Robeco to implement the growth way of working in a multidisciplinary team to work towards goals backed by data and customer input.

Growth Team

6 months

Financial service


Focus to start learning

We started in a multidisciplinary team and set-up a strategy to aim for the new collective goal. This goal was an output focussed metric since we believe you can’t steer on outputs but you need to analyze the input to set a strategy.

We analysed the data to see on what kind of input our output reacts on. We found what levers to focus on and were the most impact could be made. This provided our strategy for growth. In addition this model helps us to keep the overview of the metrics and set focus by using OKRS.


Research & experimentation in growth sprints

To make sure we get sh*t done and learn fast, we implemented growth sprints. A bi-weekly growth meeting was used to share results & learnings. Every other week the backlog was prioritised. By working Kanban style, everyone knew what to do next.

We used multiple channels (both offline and online) to gather customer feedback. By clustering and analysing this, we were able to create need-based customer personas for certain services as input for new experiments.

I felt that our growth problem was embraced with their pragmatic approach and inspiring way of working.
Michiel de Bakker, Co-Head Retail at Robeco

Train & transfer our work

After 3 months of working with and training the team, we started to transfer our knowledge and frameworks to two growth leads of the team. So our efforts and basis could continue after our engagement.

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