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Innovation with Philips Netherlands: a moonshot by online experimentation

Philips Netherlands is always seeking for new business opportunities. Their innovation department partnered up with Off The Record in order to validate their new business idea – in the fastest way. Off The Record's expertise in online experimentation and building viable businesses – which fit the corporate's portfolio – was exactly what they were looking for.

Growth Product Manager

4 months



Beware of the risks

As Philips Netherlands already extensively empathized with the target audience, the customer's problems were crystal clear. However, the corresponding solution was the most uncertain part of the business model. The objective was to validate the market's interest in the solution, in order to be confident enough to move forward into the next stage of development. We mapped the assumptions on a matrix (importance x certainty) and filled up our roadmap to start testing the riskiest ones.


Never harm the corporate brand

Fast iterations & online experimentation combined with a big corporate brand: not a perfect love story. Often, processes are slowed down by compliance and brand departments. Moreover, the well established brand could influence the results and learnings. To make sure we learn the right thing in the right way, we crafted our own brand that acted as a learning vehicle.

Hands-on people with a constructively critical and open mindset. Very capable of proposition building and executing and designing online experiments.
Jan Bennik, Solutions Program Manager at Philips

Experiment fast, learn faster

We simulated a sign-up flow for the new hypothetical service as one of our first experiments: from ad creatives to sign-up, and from email flow to surveys responses. Each step in the flow had its own experiment metric and success criteria. We retrieved learnings regarding the best proposition, validated two acquisition channels and found traction for the service including a list of email subscribers – who were eager to get early access to the service.

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