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Nestlé: act as a small startup within a big corporate environment

Nestlé Nutrition was ready to launch an FMCG product using a new way of working: be more customer-driven by solving real customer's problems. But, what to launch and what definitely NOT to launch? Together with the Nestlé Nutrition team, we started a journey full of learnings.

Growth Product Manager

6 months



To launch or not to launch?

The traditional way (=HQs located abroad giving orders to launch a specific product in another country) has a high risk to fail. Often, the go-2-market strategy is based on lots of assumptions... As assumptions are potential risks, we reduced this risk by being more certain about the needs of the customer. We validated whether several value propositions were desired by the customer or not – in order to be more certain when launching onto the market.


Finding problem/solution fit

We went back to the basics and gained insights into the problems that keeps the target persona up at night. Because when the problem is big enough, the chance they will use a product or service – that solves this problem – will be higher. We came up with potential solutions. By getting out of the building and talking to lots of (potential) customers, we tested whether there was a potential problem/solution fit or not.

For us a new way of working which gave us a lot of new insights. Off The Record was a good lead-in teaching us, but also helping us to define the right assumptions and experiments. Off The Record was really involved in our category and target group.
Marlous Reijs, Marketing Manager at Nestlé

Validate assumptions by experiments

In order to achieve all these learnings, several frameworks were used to structure all the assumptions we had. By implementing our experiment board and start experimenting, we were able to reject several ideas that would have failed otherwise. Next to that, we discovered a few services that did have a high interest by the customer and we even learned about a new potential target persona for our product-to-be-launched.

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