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Building the online growth strategy

Marie-Stella-Maris is a Dutch lifestyle brand with a social mission to provide clean drinking water for everyone, everywhere. They sell natural mineral water and luxurious care products. We helped Marie-Stella-Maris on a weekly basis shaping their online strategy for the care market.

Head of Growth

6 months



The first few weeks of the project

In the first few weeks of the project, we do multiple things. We start with shaping your growth strategy for the upcoming months and run experiments to generate quick wins. In this case, we found that there was a lot of room for improving the current acquisition strategy. However, after a few small experiment iteration, we already found that we needed to refine the expected e-commerce strategy of Marie-Stella-Maris.


Re-shaping the e-commerce strategy

When we had run multiple experiments and surveys we learned that we could not see the online strategy separate from there offline strategy. Therefore we recommended merging those strategies into one multichannel strategy. Combining offline with online generates synergy and an improved customer journey which will lead to higher growth rates.

Off The Record brings online marketing to the next level with small experiments so we are able to iterate quickly.
Carel Neuberg, CEO at Marie Stella Maris

Onboarding their new growth marketer

Our promise from the start of this engagement was that we would train a new hire within the team who would take over all our work. We helped with drafting the vacancy of the candidate profile and transferred all our knowledge and previous work. We do this by sharing Airtable were you can find all our experiments, share weekly recaps and share a document on their first 90-days at a new client.

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