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Giving advice to Digital Advisor: an enterprise SaaS product of KPMG

KPMG's Smart Tech Solutions department builds its own products to solve problems for enterprise businesses. One of these products is Digital Advisor – a platform that combines multiple chats- & voice bots of multiple vendors in one interface. We helped the KPMG Digital Advisor team to test multiple acquisition channels and improve their full-funnel metrics.

Growth Team

6 months

B2B SaaS


For whom and why are we building this?

In order to know what messages we should use in online marketing, we need to know for whom we are building this product and why. The value proposition of Digital Advisor was not yet 100% clear, so we filled in the Value Proposition Canvas for three possible target audiences and created multiple propositions. These were used in a systematic approach to start learning about the perfect combination of target audience & proposition messaging.


Validate online marketing channels

LinkedIn was already set-up as a paid acquisition channel, so we optimised this and achieved to decrease the Cost per Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) with 80%.  As you should not be dependent on only one acquisition channel, we set-up and tested multiple other channels, among others Google Paid Search, Twitter ads & offline events. We reported the performance & logged all learnings in our experiment board to kept overview of the process.

Len Debets, Senior Manager/Product Manager at KPMG

Full funnel focus to increase the SQL rates

For sure, we're not there yet when improving the amount of MQLs, because in the end it's all about (returning) paying customers. As inside sales talks to the leads the most, we needed more soft feedback from them. Therefore, we initiated a continuous feedback loop with inside sales to learn more about why leads were or were not interested in the product. Removing the silos also works the other way around: sharing information about marketing messages improved their sales conversations


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From one city to national Dutch expansion

Temper is a platform that gives people the freedom to work on demand where and whenever they want. We supported the team with the positioning of Temper as a brand in general, worked on the initial growth metrics & KPI’s and trained their growth marketers from scratch.
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