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Juke is your personal radio app

JUKE is the only music service that offers the possibility to listen to live broadcasts and theme channels. Like most engagements we built landing pages, set-up paid traffic channels to test propositions and audiences, and helped the marketing department make better data-informed decisions. Over a period of 18-months we accomplished the following.

Growth Team

18 Months

Mobile App


Flipped the overall mindset towards a growth mentality

JUKE is a digital music platform initiated by Talpa Radio, part of one of the most successful Dutch media companies. Their Innovation Manager Patrick Goldsteen collaborated with us to scale the corporate venture the right way through adopting a growth mindset.


Setup, implemented and guided the data tracking plan

Our efforts to gain traction resulted in a shift from focus on acquisition and activation metrics towards product analytics which should indicate product-market fit. All the while an inflow of users wasn’t the problem, long-term retention was challenging. This was our call to not solely help marketing, but to include the product teams in our way-of-working as well. Our data analyst supported the teams with the right growth models, analyses and dashboards so the product managers could construct the right assumptions for their new-to-build product features.

I'm very satisfied with the way we worked together on JUKE for two years and am happy that we reached a moment in which we felt confident enough to continue by ourselves.
Patrick Goldsteen, Innovation Director at Talpa

Trained the teams to take over our role afterwards

Ultimately, this long-term engagement resulted in a situation where the JUKE team was successfully working in cross-functional teams on self constructed OKRs while running multiple tests each week to make a better product and user experience.

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