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Going the extra mile, send love over distance

HEY bracelet lets you feel your loved one, no matter the distance. It’s the first wearable that mimics a real human touch. This was one of our first Kickstarter campaigns which resulted in the successful funding of €150.000. We validated key messages on multiple online channels and were responsible for the execution of all digital advertisements.

Head of Growth

4 months



Gathering leads before launch

We helped to identify and validate customer personas before we went live on Kickstarter and built up a lead list with more than 10.000 email addresses which were responsible for 50% of the funding later on. We ran acquisition experiments to persuade backers on Kickstarter during the campaign. Most of our campaigns were video advertisements and sponsored content on Facebook with a low cost of acquisition.


Metrics & analytics

We assisted the management team to implement a leading growth framework and to build a custom dashboard in order to run measurable growth experiments across multiple online channels. This framework was the basis for their international expansion after our engagement and helped them to find new target markets across the globe

We loved working with We Are Off The Record. We’ve worked closely together as one team. They are smart thinkers that will challenge and optimize your campaign based on insights and data. And with great success!
Sjors van Hoof, Co-Founder HEY

Finding their ideal customer persona

We helped with the setup and strategy regarding A/B testing before the initial kickstarter campaign on the landing page. We increased the amount of sign-ups on the waiting list and converted them when we launched the campaign in the first 24 hours, which ultimately led to the success of the campaign as a whole.

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Our growth chapter with Storytel in the Netherlands

We partnered up with Storytel in The Netherlands to maintain, challenge and improve their national-wide acquisition campaigns. Besides our focus on the existing acquisition channels, we advised the Dutch team on the untapped potential in their product for future optimizations.
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