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Restructuring teams for the next growth phase

Floryn (previously InvoiceFinance) grew in less than one year from a start-up to a real scale-up. Therefore they were selected as one of the Deloitte Fast 50 challengers. Rapid growth means rapid organisational changes. This meant that their current growth team also needed some alteration.

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We helped with changing the team structure for creating more focus, impact and to systemise validated experiments. Therefore we recommended splitting up the current team structure into a marketing team and a growth team. Where the marketing team consists of specialists instead of generalists. The marketing team focused mainly on validated experiments from the growth team and created playbooks in order to systemise the experiments in the whole organisation. This way the focus of the marketing team was optimising the customer journey.


Algorithms vs manual bidding optimisation

We analysed the Ad campaigns and changed the bidding strategy from manual to a CPA strategy in order to increase leads and lead quality. Also, we trained the Google Ads algorithm by using our own forecasting algorithm. This way we could send more conversion data to Google Ads which improved the performance of the campaigns.

Off The Record helped us solve problems and achieve results within the first 3 months, and has helped bringing our team to the next level
Sven van der Biezen, CEO at Floryn

Focus on 10X experiments

When the marketing team was operating well and new people were hired, we shifted our focus to re-building the growth team. The main focus of the growth team was trying to design 10x experiments instead of incremental changes. Therefore the OKRs were focused on building a strategy for high-value prospects which generated a lot of revenue. The growth team existed of a growth marketer, technical marketer and two people from biz dev.(market experts).

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From one city to national Dutch expansion

Temper is a platform that gives people the freedom to work on demand where and whenever they want. We supported the team with the positioning of Temper as a brand in general, worked on the initial growth metrics & KPI’s and trained their growth marketers from scratch.
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