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From new kid to mature scale-up

How we took care of Charly Cares by helping them to align their marketing & development teams with growth.

Head of Growth

6 months



The mindset, tools & tactics

Back in 2018 we were privileged to start our engagement together with the team at Charly Cares. Our biggest goal was the setup and the roles within the growth team and to align this with their development team. We worked on the Dutch growth metrics & KPI’s and guided their growth marketers from scratch.


Retention is king

Since the product of Charly Cares has been great from the start, acquiring parents was not our biggest challenge. We did help the team with making sure the happy bookers were retained often and to figure out why other parents weren't booking more frequently. We analyzed different data segments and figured out multiple ways and methods to increase retention in the first months after signup.

Amazing service. Their hands-on approach really helped us in order to achieve our goals and to learn all these new skills ourselves.
Charlotte, Founder at Charly Cares

From city to country

The ambition of Charly Cares has always been to scale the platform to The Netherlands as a whole. Together with the team, we modeled growth from acquisition all to way to the business metrics in order to see how much we could spend on different segments within their target audience. This made their next steps perfectly clear and enabled them to continue on their own after our engagement.

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Training a new generation of digital talent

We and The Talent Institute joined forces in early 2016 and set up the growth hacking courses and curriculum from scratch. In addition, we were responsible as Lead Growth Partner and with the bureau provided a lot of the training and coaching sessions with students (250+).
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