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Helping Beerwulf to be an Agile organisation

During growth engagements and with growth teams, our default is to work Agile and with OKRs. Beerwulf upped that game by implementing this organisation-wide—from legal to supply chain.

Growth Product Manager

6 months



Paving the way

To ensure adoption from teams when implementing novel processes, it's important that external parties like us know the incumbent teams and organisation by heart. Executing with teams and talking with members helped us get to that point, and naturally enabled us to coach them on the Scrum methodology.


Agile Coach

An essential part of working in sprints is to measure success afterward. In most of our engagements, we implement OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to apply focus and determine if it was a job well-done. Also at Beerwulf we set up OKRs with every independent department and worked directly with their Managing Director to align accordingly and report to him with respect to team dynamics we encountered.

Experience and patient to help people embrace Scrum/Lean Product management and pragmatically make a start and setup structure for the growth process.
Hans Böhm, Managing Director at Beerwulf

Enhancement through tooling

Solid team & meeting structures are essential in Agile. But without proper tooling in place, it can and will still become a mess. At Beerwulf we used JIRA to enhance the scrum methodology and we helped management and team leads to craft and refine work that needed to be done in users stories and epics to run their sprints efficiently.

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